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JaVale McGee is an American Hero

     JaVale McGee deserves a statue. JaVale McGee has reached hero status. JaVale McGee could probably get to the top three on Survivor based on his goofy charisma and he would be Jeff Probst’s favorite person in the world. 

    JaVale McGee is the Tom Cruise of the NBA except it would be two Tom Cruises standing on top of each other wearing a trench coat. JaVale McGee is like all the Monstars rolled into Shrek’s cousin. JaVale McGee is the Bob from What About Bob? of the Western Conference. 

     JaVale McGee plays fantasy kiteboarding. JaVale McGee wants to know where you got that fedora. JaVale McGee met Matthew McConaughey in a drum circle in downtown Austin and they communicate via carrier pigeon regularly to stay in touch. 

    The world actually does revolve around JaVale McGee. JaVale McGee is a character in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and he also enjoys longboarding in scenic mountainous environments. JaVale McGee enjoys reading, long walks on the beach and wrestling dolphins. 

    JaVale McGee drives a golf cart to work. JaVale McGee is a Nicolas Cage character except with more 13th century Scottish Warrior influence. JaVale McGee asked his girlfriend to prom by writing, “Prom?” in ketchup on a Big Mac. JaVale McGee is my favorite Game of Thrones character. 

    Ari Gold would be easily irritated by JaVale McGee and his office pranks. JaVale McGee is the Jim of The Office with a heavy dusting of Michael Scott’s off-the-wall antics and a bit of Dwight’s beet knowledge. JaVale McGee flips the board over at the end of the game regardless of whether he wins or loses when he plays Monopoly. 

    JaVale McGee’s favorite thing to do in the off season is waiting in line for Price is Right tapings. JaVale McGee has tried all 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins. JaVale McGee always chooses Dare. 

Where is JaVale McGee from?
Created 5/16/18
  1. Mars
  2. Gotham
  3. Flint, Michigan
  4. The Ocean

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