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The Mind of J.R.

    The city of Cleveland want’s to know why.

    Where are you going J.R.? Turn around. The basketball hoop is behind you. Does he know that this isn’t a half court game that you have to take it beyond the three point line to clear the ball?

    These are some of the things running through the mind of J.R. when he snatched the ball out of midair like a game of Flyers Up.

Yes! Man, if this was a movie it would be so dramatic. I wonder who would play me in a..”*buzzer*

Yup! Let’s go, baby we got this. That would be so funny if Draymond whacked someone in the nuts right now (chuckles to self)..”*buzzer*

Woohoo! This game is all but ours. What if I tried shooting on our own basket, I wonder if I could make it from this side of the..”*buzzer*

Yah! I will no longer be considered the Shaqtin’ A Fool MVP this is the greatest..”*buzzer*

@JoelEmbiid He’s really tryna take that Shaqtin A fool MVP from me lmao 8:31 PM - 31 May 2018

Yeah! The ball. Jeez, I need to get a trim. I hope they held on to my haircut records at..”*buzzer*

Ah! Hey, Klay Thompson really does look like the PBS logo. Maybe, if I pitch him my show The Joy of Raining Threes and buy a Bob Ross afro wig..”*buzzer*

Oh yeah! Dribble, dribble, dribble, hey this basketball thing isn’t so hard after..”*buzzer*

Yup! Wow, what a story. Who would have ever thought a kid from a small town in New Jersey would someday end up dribbling the ball in game one of the NBA Finals, center stage in front of the whole..”*buzzer*

Squeeze! What does J.R. stand for anyway..”*buzzer*

Wham! Look at me go, watch me do it like Jordan! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..(sticks tongue out)”*harmonizes with the buzzer*

Mine! Why does it seem like time slows down in the heat of a pressure-filled moment? Like, it seems like it has been forever since..”*buzzer*

My ball! Why did Garfield hate Mondays so much? Like, he is a cat, every day is the same for him, he doesn’t do anything but lay around and take naps and eat lasagna and bully Jon and Odie. Why does Jon take that attitude from his cat? If my cat was throwing shade at me like that, I would put it in a crate and leave it outside the fire station. I would make a lasagna cake with the word ‘Monday’ on it so he would have conflicted feelings and not know what to do. I would take him on a charitable 5K walk to help stray dogs find homes… Say, don’t I still have the..”*buzzer*

Ayyye! Here we go, we got the ball, this game is ours. Say, why is LeBron’s face all crazy looking and he’s waving his arms frantically and..”*buzzer*

I got it! Now to dribble the ball out and have praise heaped upon me by the city of Cleveland when..”*buzzer*

It’s mine! Wow, look how fast I am dribbling. I did not know I could dribble this fast. I should enter the NBA Skills..”*buzzer*

Ball! There must be so many people around the world watching this game. I wonder if my grandma’s friend..”*buzzer*

Aghh! Alright, avoid Durant in front of the hoop. Wow, I wish I could be watching this right now this is so intense..”*buzzer*

What was J.R. thinking?
Created 6/1/18
  1. He wasn't
  2. Tacos
  3. I got the ball!
  4. Where's LeBron? He's gonna kill me if I don't pass it to..*buzzer*

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