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Trae Young: Fashion Icon

This is the best episode of What Not To Wear of all time. This is the worst episode of What Not To Wear of all time. This is the only episode of What Not To Wear that has ever mattered. 

Trae Young is out here rocking suit shorts like it’s 1992. Trae Young has either never worn pants or worn pants every day of his life. Trae Young has given up on the idea of societal norms. Trae Young is Bear Grylls in a costume promoting his new show, “Man vs. Pants”.

Trae Young is planning on wearing cargo shorts to his wedding. Trae Young doesn’t want to talk about his outfit but his outfit is also the only thing he wants to talk about. Trae Young isn’t taking questions from reporters. Trae Young is comfortable with who he is. 

Trae Young is Slender Man for fashion critics. Trae Young is one of The Expendables except they are referring to his (former) collection of pants. 

Why is Trae Young wearing shorts?
Created 6/21/18
  1. It's hot there
  2. He forgot to bring pants
  3. He's sending a message to the rest of the league: I don't mess around
  4. He's funny

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