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Mitchell Pays for Fan’s iPhone Repair

Steve Jobs is looking down proudly from the iCloud after Donovan Mitchell paid for a fan’s iPhone repair. Android owning Jazz fans were confused as to how to feel about the whole situation. Apple’s stock took a bite out of the competition after the positive media buzz. Mitchell will wear an Apple Watch in games for the remainder of his career according to the terms of his new contract.

These are a few other things Donovan Mitchell did to help out some Utahans or Utahns (apparently both a correct ways to refer to people from the Beehive State. Here is a brief tangent list of the weirdest state nicknames: 1. Beehive - Utah 2. Show Me - Missouri (the state of flashers) 3. Peace Garden - North Dakota (the state that is the biggest fan of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 and the scene where he gets attacked by the bird while the piano player continues to play the piano as if there isn’t a killer bird in the midst)

Paid for a subscription to Netflix so a fan could have a Wild Wild Country and Wild Wild West viewing party

Retweeted a fan’s pinned tweet about their door to door dog grooming business

Sent a fan’s child to virtual reality college 

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