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NCAA Makes Changes to Their College Basketball Policies

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Today, the NCAA announced several new policies to be installed to college basketball. The major changes include: elite recruits can now have agents who are approved by the NCAA, underclassman who go undrafted in the NBA can now return to school, and more strict rules on coaches recruiting efforts and longer postseason bans and suspensions if these rules are broken. 

The changes come in the wake of last year’s FBI investigation into college basketball which has revealed corruption and illegal recruiting efforts by many blue blood programs. Several coaches, managers, and Adidas representatives were indicted in a fraud and corruption scheme. These are the first changes the NCAA has made to college basketball since the investigation.

The president of the NCAA, Mark Emmert, believes that the new policies “will promote integrity in the game” and “prioritize the interest of student-athletes.” Emmert also qent on to say that “It’s on us to restore the integrity of college basketball and continue to improve the interests of all student-athletes. They deserve nothing less.”

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