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Can Kelvin Taylor “Stunt” Like His Daddy in 2014?

Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Florida Gators are struggling with the loss of many playmakers on offense and defense such as QB Jeff Driskel, DT Dominique Easley, and many others, the Gators have had one bright spot to look forward to in the future.

Kelvin Taylor has played like an absolute BOSS for the Gators this season despite injuries, lack of offense, or whatever excuses Gator fans want to throw out there. Kelvin played an outstanding ball game on the road at South Carolina. Not only did Kelvin play well, but he also gave the Florida offense a consistent ground game for the first time since the beginning of the season against Toledo, as Florida’s backs ran through a nasty defensive line that has Jadeveon Clowney and Kelcy Quarles. Clowney made it into the backfield many times last Saturday, but the Gators had a lot of positive plays against that stout defense.

Here is why I think Kelvin Taylor will be an absolute stud for the Florida Gators in the future:

1. Kelvin Taylor is a very smart ball carrier.

Unlike running backs that Florida has had in the past, Taylor has the ability to run through gaps with ease. Not only does he run hard through the gaps, but he also has outstanding vision to get north and south up the field. This is the type of player Will Muschamp wanted and needed for his system to have a successful downhill running game.

2. Taylor can carry the workload.

Credit: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Credit: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Kelvin was able to pound the ball early against the Gamecocks. At the end of the first half, Kelvin had 12 rushes for 69 yards — the most a Gator running back has had entering the second half, since the injured Matt Jones completely obliterated a terrible Kentucky team for 115 yards back in September. If Kelvin Taylor can maintain a healthy status going into the 2014 season and throughout, he will certainly be the second 1,000 yard rusher Will Muschamp has coached at the University of Florida.

3. Even though Kelvin can carry the load, he could use help.

It will be crucial for Kelvin Taylor to have another running back that can share carries and allow him to stay healthy. Kelvin Taylor and Mack Brown have been a decent one-two punch since taking over for Matt Jones after a torn ACL. Mack Brown hasn’t been a consistent back, and he also shows that he is only a north-to-south runner without the great vision Kelvin Taylor possesses. Dalvin Cook, a 5-star recruit for the 2014 season will be a HUGE help for the Florida Gator offense and Kelvin Taylor. Dalvin Cook has about the same vision to bounce off the gaps and find the space in the field. Both of these guys in 2014 will be dynamic pieces for Offensive Coordinator Brent Pease to work with.



Though Kelvin Taylor is a true freshman, he can absolutely be better than his father — future Hall of Fame RB Fred Taylor, who played for the Jacksonville Jaguars for most of his career before ending his career with the New England Patriots. Kelvin has a special talent that can help bolster the Florida Gator offense to a new level in 2013. Kelvin Taylor can not do it alone though. The offensive line needs to improve immensely, along with the quarterback play. I think the Florida Gators have a player that will have his name known in the NFL Draft in the near future, and I think that Kelvin Taylor will “stunt like his daddy.”

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