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Joe Thomas Sr. Becomes Oldest Player In D-1 College Football History

If you want to see an awesome and inspiring football player, look no further than Joe Thomas Sr. After four years as a walk-on and playing on the practice squad, he finally got his opportunity to get on the field for South Carolina State this weekend with a three yard run. You might be thinking, what’s so impressive about a guy getting a three yard carry.

Thomas Sr. is 55 years old, which makes him the oldest player in the history of D-1 college football. I’m not sure how many people that are 55 years old could compete with current division one college athletes. He’s also recovering from a torn ACL and MCL that he suffered when he was hit by a drunk driver a couple of years ago. His story, which is incredibly fascinating (and includes his son, Joe Thomas Jr., playing for the Packers), is here.


After the game, he got the “Rudy” treatment from his teammates as they carried him off the field. He also delivered this post game speech where he told us all to follow our dreams. 

To me, this was truly one of the coolest sports stories of the year and it made me, a 22 year old recent college graduate, want to get up and work out a little more. I’ll be rooting for both Joe Thomas Sr. and Jr. going forward.

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