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Florida Reveals New Gator-Inspired Uniforms

Florida Gators

The Florida Gators have released a new uniform that will allow them to look, well, like literal gators. The new “gator-inspired” uniforms will feature a swamp green base with a gator-like skin pattern reaching up the jersey. The pants will match in color but will not feature the alligator skin pattern. Similarly, the helmet will feature the same color and no skin, but will have the team’s Gators logo on the side of the helmet.

Social media reaction has been, for the most part, negative. Tweets such as, “Please take these uniforms, put them in a nice little pile….and set that pile on fire” or, taking a more direct approach, “I am a Gator fan…and those are HIDEOUS. Not feeling them.”

However, on the University of Florida campus, reaction has been largely positive. Students can reportedly appreciate the fact that Florida is releasing fresh ideas.

Regardless of reaction, Florida has a tough task in Texas A&M this Saturday. The Gators are coming off a loss to LSU that was extremely ugly and the entire offense this season has been mediocre at best.

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