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Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze Avoids Questions On Lawsuit

After former Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt filed a civil lawsuit against the school and its athletic program, alleging a breach in contract, current Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze elected not to comment on the situation, and dodged questions about Nutt at SEC media day. Being Houston Nutt’s successor, Freeze is the main target of this lawsuit, as Nutt alleges that there is a string of false accusations and recruiting violations that connect directly to Freeze. 

When asked about the matter, Freeze was quoted saying, ” We look forward to our meeting with the committee on infractions and putting this behind us.” 

Ole Miss has been the subject of NCAA investigation since early 2016, after former player Laremy Tunsil admitted to taking money from the school in a NFL draft night press conference. Since then, Ole Miss has taken action by self imposing punishments itself in an attempt to avoid harsher consequences, including limiting scholarships over a four year period and self levying a bowl ban for the 2017 season. The former coach’s lawsuit is just fuel to the fire that has burned the programs reputation over the last year. 

If this lawsuits accusations are true, Ole Miss could be in for some harsher punishments, and the football program most likely will be in the hunt for a new head coach. 

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