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Feel Good Story Of The College Football Weekend: Blind USC Long Snapper With The Perfect Snap

Here’s your “Why we love sports” moment of the first college football Saturday. At the end of a surprisingly competitive game, USC began to pull away against Western Michigan. When they scored a touchdown with three minutes left in the game, they put in sophomore long snapper Jake Olson. 

Olson wasn’t just an ordinary football player. He’s been blind since he’s been ten months old due to a rare retinal cancer. He had long snapped in high school and has been around the USC program since the Pete Carroll days. Due to a nice gesture by the Western Michigan head coach, Tim Lester, it was agreed upon that Olson would see the field at some point during the game.

With the game fairly out of reach, USC coach Clay Helton felt this was the time to get Olson on the field. This was Olson’s time to shine and he did not disappoint. His long snap was perfect.

After the game, Olson led the Trojan band. This was an unbelievable moment for Olson and everyone who watched the game. Coach Helton said that they may look for future opportunities to get Olson into games.

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Props to everyone involved in this that allowed for Olson to experience his dream. The players, coaches, and officials all deserve credit for handling this situation seamlessly.

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