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The 5 Best Moments After Alabama’s Win

Everyone loves to win. Winning is like eating a really good piece of garlic bread. The sky looks a little bit brighter and everyone feels like a friend. Alabama Crimson Tide is rolling in that feeling after an exciting win in overtime of last night’s College Football Playoff National Championship against the Georgia Bulldogs. 

This is Alabama’s fifth National Championship win in 9 years, and it didn’t come easy. At halftime, Alabama saw itself behind 13-0. They came together and brought it back step by step, though, taking over to win the game in overtime with a score of 26-23. After losing the title in a heartbreaking loss to the Clemson Tigers last year, Alabama was ready to come back. And now, they’re ready to celebrate. 

Some of these celebrations and moments are just too great to ignore. So here are 5 of the best, in no particular order:

1. Riley and Calvin Ridley swap jerseys:

Though Calvin Ridley played for Alabama and Riley Ridley played for Georgia, the brothers were happy for one another’s efforts and celebrated the end of the game together. The two swapped jerseys after the game, making it clear that there were no hard feelings. 

2. Drake shares a video on Instagram bragging about winning his bet on the game:

Drake apparently bet on the right team, as his Instagram video shows him teasing friend and fellow rapper Migos member Quavo. In the video, Drake pushes aside a Georgia jersey and shouts, “Quavo, I need my chips with the Huncho Jack dip, my boy!” Later in the video, Drake holds more money than I’ve ever seen in my life and says that the money is “just, like, one-fourth of it.” Winning a bet like that just became a new part of my five year plan. 

3. Robert Foster gives his son his jersey: 

Sharing his victory with his family, Crimson Tide wide receiver Robert Foster gave his championship jersey to his young son after the game. He hugs his son after, making the video almost too cute to be seen without a warning. 

4. Crimson Tide’s Bradley Bozeman proposes to his girlfriend:

Alabama’s senior center made sure this night would go down in his own history as one of the most important in his life by asking his girlfriend to marry him. There’s something about winning a national championship that makes it seem like good timing. I do have one question though: is that “Basket Case” by Green Day being played by the band in the background? 

5. A post by a concerned Alabama fan has resurfaced:

Though the post went viral back in September, Alabama’s win has fans remembering the interesting concerns of a fan who wrote in after hearing that Alabama’s freshman quarterback was from Hawaii. Tua Tagovailoa made an incredible impact  at last night’s game, apparently in spite of the… language gap? What? It seems that the fan who wrote in was under the impression that Hawaii is in another country, and that Tagovailoa would have a hard time adapting. For the record, Tagovailoa had no issues transitioning to the United States, considering that he has been here all along. 

Alabama’s win will remain in the hearts of the team and its fans. Thanks to these moments, it will remain in all of our hearts as well. Here’s the question of the day: would you rather have Bradley Bozeman’s legendary engagement, or Drake’s giant stack of cash? It’s a tough one. 

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