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WR Jacob Copeland Chooses Florida, And His Mom Is Not Happy

Life is full of disappointments. The best we can do is accept them with grace. Maybe by smiling, stating that everything will work out in the end, or leaving the room abruptly without saying anything. The last one may sound a touch out of place in the list, but it does happen. 

That’s exactly what 4-Star wide receiver Jacob Copeland’s mother did at his signing. Copeland had a difficult choice to make between playing for the Florida Gators, Alabama Tide, or Tennessee Vols. Judging from the Alabama and Tennessee merchandise on the people there to support him, it looked like he had two real choices. But if that’s what you were thinking, you’d be just as surprised as Copeland’s mom. 

Copeland picked Florida, which is great news for the team. It’s great news for Copeland, who gets a free education playing in a place that he obviously gave plenty of thought. It doesn’t seem to be great news for his mother.

Yikes. No one wants to see that kind of reaction on their special day. I know what it’s like to have an unpopular opinion- I’m not really a fan of dogs, so you can imagine people want to walk out on me all the time- but I haven’t had an experience quite like this one. Still, Copeland was a good sport about it, tweeting that you’d laugh at the video if you knew his mom. 

If you’re not laughing, there is some good news. Copeland’s mom came back later and gave him a hug, sending her support for his decision after all. 

There was disappointment, but hopefully everyone will be able to come together and celebrate. As long as they can get a refund on that Alabama and Tennessee merchandise. That stuff is expensive. 

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