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Urban Meyer Backtracks on Zach Smith Incident

Associated Press

Urban Meyer has admitted that he “failed” when he disassociated himself with any knowledge about the Zach Smith domestic violence allegations in 2015.

During the Big Ten Media days last month, Meyer said he knew nothing about any domestic violence allegations in 2015.  He posted a statement on Twitter apologizing for his remarks in July.

Zach Smith, who was fired by Meyer, said he went to Meyer in 2015, after talking with law enforcement, and notified him of the situation.  In addition, Smith’s ex-wife said she had been in contact with Meyer’s wife to let her know of the domestic violence, but was not sure if Meyer’s wife had alerted Meyer.

Meyer was placed on administrative leave by Ohio State University as they conduct an investigation which may take a few weeks.

Zach Smith is expected to appear in court August 22 for a criminal trespassing charge.

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