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Rex’s Hot Sauce: A Recipe for Disaster



Rex Ryan may be the dumbest head coach in the National Football League. The New York Jets’ head coach simply cannot and does not stop talking. As a die-hard Jets fan I put up with him because I have to, as I feel obligated to support my team in every way I can (except Tim Tebow, arguably the worst quarterback in the NFL and the most over-hyped of all time.)

Anyways, before I ramble on tangentially about Tebow let’s get back to “Sexy Rexy.” Right near the top of my wishlist is a zipper so I can shut his mouth. This week he has gotten on my nerves for talking trash about Miami Dolphins’ RB Reggie Bush, and then lying about it as soon as he was called out for it. Rex claims that all he meant by pouring hot sauce on Bush was giving Bush more attention because he is a great football player. While that is true, it is only part of the story. Just ask Jets’ LB Bart Scott, Ryan’s main man who followed him from the Baltimore Ravens. Back in 2006 (oh, how short our memories can be), then-Raven Scott injured then-Saint Bush and claimed he put a little “hot sauce on his ankle.” He too threw out a bogus self-defense, saying he was referring to playing in New Orleans where the food is hot and spicy (that may be the worst cover up I’ve ever heard). This may not be Bounty Gate 2.0, but this also is not merely a coincidence.

I am not trying to spark controversy and compare Rex Ryan to Gregg Williams. You can read into it however you see fit, but the two occasions are eerily similar: same coach, same phraseology, and same injured player (not to mention Bart Scott was on a Rex Ryan coached defense at the time of the first incident). I’m sure Ryan used that term around his defense before, but I can see no valid explanation for its usage. Perhaps in some dialect of the English language, let’s call it Rexism, pouring hot sauce on Reggie Bush means covering him and limiting his production. Even if this were true, the main problem for Ryan is that he doesn’t let his team simply talk on the field. He always feels the need to make ridiculous comments, like last year when he claimed the Jets are better than the Giants. As fellow Sports Quotient writer Kassa Korley always says, “your game talks, not your mouth.”

So, Rex Ryan, cool it with the hot sauce comments.

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