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Will the Packers bounce back?

Packer Huddle

Packer Huddle

After going 15-1 last season, the Packers have already matched that regular-season loss total after one game . They are surely looking to get back on track and they look to begin Thursday against the Bears. Against the 49ers on Sunday, the defense looked like the same defense as last year, which is a bad sign for the Packers if it stays that way.  At the moment the offense was nothing like it was last year. Aaron Rodgers wasn’t himself and the running game was just as bad it was last season, even with the addition of Cedric Benson. Although one may argue that they were up against a prolific 49ers defense led by Patrick Willis, this week doesn’t seem to bode too well for them either when they’re scheduled against another tenacious D.

Although it was only the first game of the year, the Packers defense got back to their below-average defensive ways to start the season. Last year the Packers were last in passing yds/g with 299.8 and 14th in rushing yds/g with 111.8. This year they’ve started off just as bad by allowing 186 rushing yds, which puts them at 31st, and 377 passing yds, which puts them at 21st. Sure it’s only the first game, but they still seem to need major improvements. They have above average linebackers and defensive line, but they lack in the secondary with the loss of Nick Collins, which caused Mike McCarthy to move his All-Pro cornerback, Charles Woodson, to safety in order to fill the void. Most believe the offense will come alive and be explosive, but will the defense be able to shut down opposing offenses? The defense will continue to be a huge concern until they show they can deal hold their own.

The offense on the other hand will come around and it may be as early as this Thursday. Rodgers, even without Greg Jennings who is doubtful for tomorrow, will spread the ball around and put it where he wants to pick apart this tough Bears defense. Maybe even the running game will come alive. The addition of Cedric Benson is a huge upgrade over Alex Green and James Starks– Benson is a veteran and proven back. Over the last three years, he has scored over 6 touchdowns and had over 1,000 rushing. He has gotten off to a slow start this year, but also being in a pass-first offense, he will have fewer touches. Everyone is waiting for the offense to erupt after a slight disappointment the first week. It will come and it will be coming soon. Bears fans and defense: Watch out!

The Packers, even with a shaky defense, have what it takes to get back to the Super Bowl behind an elite Quarterback in Rodgers. They’ll be ready this Thursday too, with or without Jennings. The running game will find some sort of bright spot and this offense will once again be dangerous all-around. Watch out NFL, because this is a Green Bay team that’s looking to tear right through the league for another championship to add to its name.

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