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Home Run DraftKings Lineup: Week 16

Detroit Lions RB Joique Bell (

Take home some cash with this lineup.

For those of you in standard fantasy league championships this weekend, I wish you luck. Hopefully your players are in this lineup, and your opponent’s aren’t. 

Always remember to check injury reports and weather forecasts right up until the games start on Sunday. The status of Julio Jones, Demarco Murray, T.Y. Hilton and a few others will have a huge impact on daily fantasy this weekend. 

Here is my Home Run DraftKings lineup for Week 16:

Josh McCown ($5,500)

Joique Bell ($6,000)

Tre Mason ($4,600)

Jordy Nelson ($7,700)

Mike Evans ($6,700)

Harry Douglas ($5,600)

Rob Gronkowski ($7,000)

Cole Beasley ($3,500)

Lions D/ST ($3,100)

Remaining Salary: $300

Josh McCown - After creating a metric that generates an expected point value per dollar, I’ve come to the conclusion that playing cheap quarterbacks is the best strategy on DraftKings. The expensive quarterbacks simply have to do too much to be worth their salary. McCown will most certainly have to throw in this game, and the Packers have given up the 2nd most touchdowns to opposing wide receivers this season. 

Joique Bell - Bell has averaged 21.75 touches over his last four games, and I expect him to get at least that many against the Bears on Sunday. The Lions have one of the best defenses in the league, and I don’t have much faith in newly-minted starter Jimmy Clausen. I think Joique is a safe play, with plenty of upside if he can get in the end zone.

Tre Mason - I played Tre Mason heavily three weeks ago when he ran wild against the Raiders, and subsequently cashed in on Fanduel and DraftKings. I faded him the past two weeks, as he had two very tough matchups against the underrated Redskins run defense and the stout Arizona front. 

Image title

Many people will avoid Mason this week after two consecutive poor showings, but I will not be one of them. I’m all in on Mason this week against the Giants. As long as the Rams double team Odell Beckham Jr. (triple team if they must), I think they will keep the Giants offense in check. As a result, Mason should get a heavy workload against a team giving up 4.9 yards per carry, tied for worst in the league. I love Mason for his price. 

Mike Evans - With the Buccaneers defense having little chance of slowing down the Packers offense, I think the game flow will force the Bucs to throw early and often. Mike Evans should have plenty of opportunities to make plays against the Packers secondary that was absolutely shredded by Julio Jones two week ago. Mike Evans is not quite the player Julio Jones is, but the matchup is solid, and the price is right. Play Evans with confidence.

Jordy Nelson - If Jordy Nelson hadn’t dropped a potentially 90+ yard touchdown last week, his price would certainly be much higher. I think Nelson and Aaron Rodgers will make a point to get back on track after their worst game of the season (which lost me two fantasy playoff games, but that’s none of my business…) and put up plenty of points. Rodgers is a bit expensive for my liking, but Nelson is a solid value at only $7,700. 

Harry Douglas - I struggled a bit with this spot, but if there’s one thing you can bet on this week, its that the Falcons will have to throw. If Julio Jones isn’t active, then I like Douglas here. If Jones does play, then I don’t. At the bottom of the page I listed a few potential alternatives in the event that Julio does play. 

Rob Gronkowski 

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The Jets are giving up the fourth most fantasy points to opposing tight ends, making this easy decision even easier. Gronk and Brady have been clicking as of late, and I expect that to continue this week. 

Cole Beasley - Beasley has become more involved in the Cowboys offense over the last few weeks, and I expect Dallas to throw a good bit with Demarco Murray banged up and the Colts and Andrew Luck coming to town. 

I always play WR or TE at flex on DraftKings because the full PPR format makes it very easy for minimum plays (or close to it in this case) to meet their expected point value per dollar. Beasley only needs to catch a few passes to be worth his salary.

Lions D/ST - I debated whether or not to go with the Lions, Ravens, or Patriots D/ST here, as I had $300 left over and could have afforded any of the three. At the end of the day its very close, and I will be playing all three this week.

I’m starting the Patriots D/ST in my 14-team, $40 buy-in championship in which the winner gets $400, so I’m going to hedge a bit and not play them as much as I would under normal circumstances. I’m playing against the Ravens in that league, and as a result am going to play them more than the Patriots D/ST, even though I like the Pats more. Oh, the art of hedging.

If you choose to play the Pats or Ravens D/ST instead of the Lions I wouldn’t blame you. All three defenses are on the road against QBs either making their first start of the season, or named Geno Smith. I like the consistency the Lions defense has displayed all year, which is why I ultimately chose them. 

Potential changes for variations of this lineup:

Vincent Jackson, Julian Edelman, or Jarvis Landry for Harry Douglas

Ravens D/ST or Patriots D/ST for Lions D/ST

Steve Smith for Cole Beasley and Dolphins D/ST for Lions D/ST

Steve Smith for Cole Beasley and Jarvis Landry for Harry Douglas

I will be submitting a few variations of this lineup, and probably around 30 lineups in total between Fanduel and DraftKings. I like to diversify my portfolio. Good luck and enjoy the last few weeks of the best sport on the planet. 

Edited by Michael Tony.

Through Week 15, Gronk is the highest scoring DraftKings TE by how many points per game?
Created 12/19/14
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