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NFL Q: McCoy, Doug M, L. Murray, McFadden, Michael Floyd, & Snead... Who plays RB1, RB2, WR3, & Flex? PPR... Srry for so many I'm struggling.

I think I'd go something like:

RB1: Doug Martin

RB2: Darren McFadden

Flex: LeSean McCoy

WR3: Willie Snead***** SEE BELOW

For the RBs:

- Doug Martin has been playing great and has a nice matchup against the Giants.  He's a no-brainer RB1 talent at this point, so I feel comfortable plugging him in at RB1.

- McFadden, McCoy, and L. Murray are a little more muddy, but I feel confident about McFadden/McCoy in RB2/Flex.

- For RB2, McFadden is now the top dog in Dallas.  Randle has been released.  Dunbar is done on IR.  Unless Christine Michael, who has both played less and worse than McFadden, suddenly magically becomes relevant (odds of that being extremely low without a McFadden injury), McFadden is going to get a high volume of carries AND a fair number of targets through the air (he was 6 of 8 last week).  Yes, McFadden does carry some injury risk, but the key with him is always to just ride him until he starts getting injured, then push him towards the bench.  So ride him now, in the RB2 slot.

- Between McCoy and L. Murray, I like McCoy more.  He's coming off a bye, and facing a middling Miami team at home.  There's potential for him to capture some of the lightning in a bottle that was the old Shady.  While Murray has arguably been better this year, with a pair of 100 yard games, he, like Shady, has been up and down, and has a much tougher opponent to contend with in PIT.

- So that makes McCoy the RB representative for the Flex spot, but what about WRs?


- If you DID mean Michael Floyd, this is easy, since Michael Floyd and ARI are on Bye this week, so Snead HAS to be the WR3, and then I'd plug McCoy in at Flex.

- If you actually meant Malcom Floyd, from SD, who is playing, I'd plug in Floyd over Snead at WR3 and McCoy over Snead at Flex.

- Snead is having a good rookie year for an NFL WR, but it's not flashy for fantasy, though it converts a little bit better for PPR.  Malcom Floyd, for SD (if that's who you meant) should become a key target in SD thanks to Keenan Allen going down.

So basically, McCoy gets the Flex spot regardless of who is in WR3, and I'd go Martin/McFadden in RB1/RB2.

Answered by: David Lloyd
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