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NFL Q: What does Benjamin's injury mean to the production of the both Cam Newton and the other WRs in that offense(especially Funchess)

Well, the conventional wisdom is that Funchess steps into Benjamin's role.  That probably true in a lot of ways.

Funchess is like Benjamin-lite.  He's 6'4" to Benjamin's 6'5", and ran a 4.7 second forty to Benjamin's 4.6.  Essentially Funchess is a slightly worse Benjamin.

The issue is how that "slightly" worse in measurables translates into the game.  As a rookie, he's very much a wild card, and we've seen rookies excel before, but realistically I think he'll do a little worse than we would have expected Benjamin to do.  I'd rate Funchess as a low WR3.  He's got some starting potential, but it's really hard to fully endorse him as a WR2 level guy like Benjamin seemed to be without tape.

As for the remaining WRs, none of them rise to draftable.  One of them might end up a reasonable spot fill-in guy if Funchess struggles, but even under the best scenarios I can't see any of them climbing above WR4 territory, and that's only if the current situation changes.  Draft Funchess appropriately, and ignore the rest unless and until Funchess can't do the job.

For Cam, I think I'd slide him a spot or two.  Not too far, but it does make him a little less appealing.  Obviously, his ability to run helps keep his value high, but I had him rated around 8th, early in the second half of the QB1 lot.  Now, I'd probably consider pushing him beneath Romo, and maybe even Tannehill.  I'd say he's probably right there with Eli, around 10-12ish.  Mid-QB1 to low-QB1, basically.  That does present some opportunities, if people overreact, you might get good value, and if they don't overreact, and take him normally, you might be able to grab someone with more stability in their WR corps.

Answered by: David Lloyd
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