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NFL Q: 3 pairs of options. Ertz or Eifert, Andre Johnson or Allen Robinson, and Hyde or Martin. Who would you choose of each pair?

First pair, Ertz.  This one could easily go either way, but for me, assuming they both "get it," I think there's a much higher ceiling with Ertz, who is in Chip Kelly's scheme, than with Eifert, who might have some production issues with Andy Dalton.

Furthermore, Ertz has shown more than Eifert.  Ertz had a solid season last year, while Eifert unfortunately suffered a season ending injury in week 1.  Eifert has a lot of potential, but Ertz feels like the better guy here.

Second pair, Andre Johnson.  While Robinson is the #1 in JAX, and Johnson is the "#2" in IND, Johnson fills a solid role as a big receiver in Indy's offense that the small T.Y. Hilton doesn't fill, and he's got Andrew Luck throwing to him.  Johnson's age is a concern, as is Hilton's role "ahead" of Johnson, but Luck just has so much yardage to give, while we've been burned by JAX receivers before.  Go Johnson.

Third pair, Hyde.  While Martin is the "top" guy in Tampa, and there's a lot of potential there, he just has not been close to recapturing that magic of 2012 over the past couple years.  I backed Martin last year, but it looked like injuries had hurt his abilities.  In addition, the Tampa line likely won't be able to cover up for Martin's physical losses.  Hyde, meanwhile, is the undisputed top back.  While there's always the possibility of problems, Hyde doesn't have the negative history that Martin does, and while Reggie Bush is behind Hyde, he is likely only there as a receiving option, while the vast and overwhelming majority of carries will go to Hyde.

Answered by: David Lloyd
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