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Cam Newton: MVP Spokesman and QB

Cam Newton’s poise under pressure extends beyond the gridiron.

Cam Newton has surged into the MVP conversation with his stellar play for the Carolina Panthers. Opposing defenses have to respect the dual-threat quarterback, but few have been able to stop the Auburn alum.

Newton is an elite quarterback, but his skills extend beyond the gridiron. After distancing himself from disciplinary and eligibility issues in college, Under Armour became the first company to advertise with the Panther QB. Newton has maintained a great relationship with Under Armour, which continues to supply him with amazing custom cleats. He created some great commercials with Under Armour over the years, including this classic. Even in ads for other companies, Newton can often be found in Under Armour gear. 

In 2012, the NFL cast Newton in this Play 60 ad. While the kid steals the commercial, Cam’s facial expressions and killer smile surely made a mark on potential advertisers. This may be the best Play 60 ad ever, and it works because many people view Cam as a beastly player with the fun-loving attitude of a kid.

After leading the Panthers to the NFC South Division title in 2013, Gatorade became the next major company to advertise with Newton. Cam clearly has talent in front of the camera, but what gets me about this ad is his ability to quickly go from smiling to serious. Real quick.

Newton knows how to make people laugh, but when Beats by Dre came calling, he showed an intensity few athletes can match in commercials. His first Beats ad was successful enough to merit another one where he hits the gym hard.

Newton’s versatility on the field may be his greatest asset, but a current ad campaign with Dannon’s Oikos yogurt showcases his versatility off it. Football and yogurt don’t traditionally go hand in hand, but Newton has impressed since taking over as the company spokesperson. In addition to the prior companies, he also has deals with Belk, GMC and Drakkar fragrance.

After completing this potential MVP and Super Bowl season, Newton should have no trouble finding additional lucrative sponsorship opportunities. After Peyton Manning retires, Newton is poised to fill his role as the Most Valuable Spokesman in football.  

Edited by Jeremy Losak.

Which company sponsors Cam Newton?
Created 1/20/16
  1. Nike
  2. Under Armour
  3. Adidas
  4. BOSE headphones

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