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Quarterback-Needy Teams Take Notice: Brett Hundley May Be The Best Answer

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The next great young quarterback might already be in the NFL.

It’s draft season, and that means plenty of teams are looking for that next piece that will bring them one step closer on the path to the Lombardi. More important than most, some are looking for that elusive franchise defining star quarterback. The Cleveland Browns, San Fransisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, and the Houston Texans are just some of the many teams who could be looking at a quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft. 

But it appears everyone is overlooking the Green Bay Packer’s third-string QB, Brett Hundley, whose raw athletic tools and exceptional preseason ability carries some hint of the franchise altering talent that these teams are in search of.

On the final day of the 2015 NFL Draft, former UCLA Quarterback Brett Hundley was still awaiting a call. As Day 3 ran into the fifth round, the Packers traded up 16 places with the New England Patriots in return for the Packer’s fifth and seventh round picks. That move came as a surprise to everyone for two notable reasons: for one, Green Bay General Manager Ted Thompson is notorious for trading back on Draft Day, and second, Aaron Rodgers was only 31.

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It was extra surprising that Thompson and the Packers traded up, so the Packers must have really liked their man. What was even more confusing is that reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers was in his prime and had at least seven years of good play left in him. Yet to those familiar with the Packers, this move comes at no surprise at all. 

Green Bay drafted Aaron Rodgers in the first round of the 2005 NFL draft with the intention of Rodgers sitting on the bench and developing behind now-Hall of Famer, Brett Favre. After three years of sitting on the bench, Favre retired, and Rodgers received the reins to the team. Eight years and a Super Bowl later, Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. 

This is all to show that Green Bay’s famed QB school (the same one that produced rockstar seventh-rounder Matt Flynn, only to disappoint in Seattle and Oakland) should offer Hundley a tremendous opportunity to hone his craft behind one of the best coaching staffs and mentors in the NFL. Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated felt similarly after hearing of the Hundley pick. 


Flashing forward a year later, the 2016 NFL draft is similarly weighted top-heavy towards the quarterback position. While not of the same surefire-starter caliber as James Winston and Marcus Mariota, this years top two QB prospects have just as equally separated themselves from the competition. Carson Wentz of FCS North Dakota State and Jared Goff of Cal will very likely be the first two QBs taken by teams searching for a franchise quarterback.

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Although Hundley is not a part of the draft, he could be just as good a long-term solution, as these two have more potential than the rest of the QB field after the top two. What’s so surprising is the age difference between Goff, Wentz, and Hundley. Goff is 21, Wentz is 23, yet Hundley is only 22. Hundley’s age still holds a long career and plenty of potential, but he has a giant advantage over Goff and Wentz; while those two were lighting up college football in stat friendly offenses, Hundley gained a whole year of NFL experience taking notes from the best quarterback in the game.

Some are projecting Wentz as the top quarterback in the draft based on the potential of his athletic and physical tools. Let’s take a look at the comparison between Hundley’s Combine stats last year versus Goff and Wentz this year.

Name    HeightWeightHand SizeArm Length40 Time
Carson Wentz6‘523710”32 3/8”
Jared Goff
6‘42159”32 3/4”4.82
Brett Hundley6‘322610 1/2”32 1/8”4.63

While his height isn’t ideal as Goff and Wentz, Hundley more than makes up for it with his exceptional athleticism for the quarterback position. Hundley’s measurables easily puts him on par with the best QBs in this class. Obviously, measurables don’t solely evaluate a player’s future. Goff was a first team All-Pac 12 player in his time at Cal, while Wentz lead ND State to two FCS National Championships in his two years as a starter. While Hundley was a successful player at UCLA, who finished second team All-Pac 12 in his final season, his true advantage shines from the NFL film he possesses. 

Appearing in his first NFL pre-season, Hundley took his opportunity and ran with it. In one the most promising preseasons for a Packer’s rookie in recent memory, Hundley led the league in preseason passer rating (129.7) and put on a dominant performance in the final game against the New Orlean Saints, tossing four TDs with a passer rating of 142.4. His 7:1 TD to interception ratio is also remarkable for a rookie who was playing against NFL-level competition for the first time.

Packer’s Head Coach Mike McCarthy gushed as much about his skills at the NFL Combine this Thursday with, ”He’s doing what you’re supposed to do. He’s taken every note from Aaron and Scott. He has really dove into the offense. Very bright young man. Very athletic. Boy, I’m glad we have him.” 

The quarterback is the single most important position in the NFL, and attaining quality at the position is always a top priority. Most teams with bad QB situations turn to the draft, but beneath the Packer’s depth chart lies a hidden gem by the name of Brett Hundley. His athleticism, a coaching staff hugely helpful to quarterbacks, and preseason NFL success should show these quarterback needy teams all they need to convince themselves of his ability.

Hundley would undoubtedly be the third-best quarterback in this draft, and he might even be the best. You can be sure the Packers will be getting calls inquiring about Hundley, but it is up to Green Bay if they want to give up on one of the most promising young quarterbacks in the league.

Edited by Jazmyn Brown, Jaidyn Hart.

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