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Reactions Vary To Colin Kaepernick’s GQ Citizen Of The Year Award

Want to see a fight but don’t want to spend money on pay-per-view? There’s a quick and cheap alternative. Just walk into a crowded room and say “did you hear GQ Magazine named Colin Kaepernick Citizen of the Year?” 

GQ made their decision to name the former San Francisco 49er their Citizen of the Year in reference to his “Take a Knee” protests that began last year. According to the article, Kaepernick has been rejected by the NFL because of his protests against police brutality:

Approximately 90 men are currently employed as quarterbacks in the NFL, as either starters or reserves, and Colin Kaepernick is better—indisputably, undeniably, flat-out better—than at least 70 of them. He is still, to this day, one of the most gifted quarterbacks on earth. And yet he has been locked out of the game he loves—blackballed—because of one simple gesture: He knelt during the playing of our national anthem.

There are some who share GQ’s opinion that Kaepernick would’ve been picked up had he not begun the protest. Others argue that Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been picked up because he doesn’t have the talent. 

The magazine’s decision has been met with very different reactions, with some praising the former player for his efforts  and others speaking out against what they deem to be a purely political move by the magazine. Let the fighting commence.

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