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Some Fans Are Confused About Return Specialist Devin Hester’s Retirement

A player’s retirement is a chance to look back on his achievements and his impact on his sport. When it comes to Devin Hester, it’s a chance to champion for a deserved spot in the Hall of Fame, for the player who has been called football’s best returner. Understandably, fans are shocked that he’s retiring. But, not for the reason you’d think. 

While many fans are congratulating the player and calling him the GOAT, a few are just confused. This is because they were pretty sure Hester already retired. 

It’s actually understandable. Hester didn’t play this season, so they probably thought he was retired at that point. Or it’s a conspiracy. The Mandela effect, if you will. 

Whether you believe Hester is retiring this year for the first time or not, his retirement is pretty significant. Chicago’s 2006 second round draft pick became a household name by striking fear into the hearts of punters and kickers alike, with fourteen touchdowns from punt returns and five from kickoff returns. With a 108 yard touchdown off a missed field goal return in 2006, Hester totals 20 return TDs.

What’s most significant, though, is the way he forced other teams to play around him. A kick to Hester was a risk too great to take, a mistake that Chicago fans just hoped other teams would make. He made an impact on the game just by standing on the field and being Devin Hester.

If the confused fans are right and this really is his second time retiring, I have an idea. He should be put into the Hall of Fame twice too. It would be well deserved both times.

Which of the following teams did Devin Hester NOT play for?
Created 12/12/17
  1. Atlanta Falcons
  2. Seattle Seahawks
  3. Baltimore Ravens
  4. Miami Dolphins

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