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The New York Jets Book A Flight To Revis Island

Once upon a time Darrelle Revis was the most feared corner back in the NFL, that was a long time ago.

Revis was picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs just over a week ago after being away from the sport since the end of last season. His first game back was against the New York Jets who he played eight seasons with. He was honored with the rank of team captain for the game and his return did not go the way he wanted it to.

New #ChiefsKingdom cornerback Darrelle Revis allowed four of the five passes into his coverage to be completed for 36 yards (19 YAC) in 36 snaps against his former team @PFF

— Eric Eager (@PFF_EricEager) December 3, 2017
Revis played the 1st 2 quarters as the nickle cornerback and recorded 5 combined tackles, 3 missed tackles and gave up 4 out 5 passes into his coverage. Last season with the Jets he missed a lot of tackles and he didn’t even try to bring the ball carrier down at times. This season nothing has changed as he made a fool out of himself trying to stop the Jets receivers and running backs.

Revis Island has become overcrowded, overpriced, folks now moving off

— Kenny Ducey (@KennyDucey) December 3, 2017

#Jets cut the lead to 14-7. A truly awful tackling series for the #Chiefs. Here’s a whiff from Darrelle Revis @KCTV5

— Tom Martin (@TomKCTV5) December 3, 2017
At this point in Revis’ career he cannot cover and he can’t tackle. On a team with Phillip Gaines on it, Revis is the worst corner back on the Chiefs and that’s really saying something.

This photo shows everything you need to know about Phillip Gaines.

— Brent Barnett (@25Barnett) November 23, 2017

Phillip Gaines sighting

— Vinson Smith (@MrVincredible) November 19, 2017
Revis would not play in the second half after being benched at the end of the 2nd quarter. Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid said he didn’t play in the 2nd half because he played a large amount of snaps during the first half. Whether he was benched for fatigue or poor play, it is safe to say Revis won’t be in the league for much longer. But he is still running up a check from both the Chiefs and the Jets.

The Jets are paying Darrelle Revis a lot of money to play against them today. 💰

— Sporting News (@sportingnews) December 3, 2017
See you in Canton Darrelle!!!!!

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