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A Buffalo Bills Fan Throws A D-Word On The Field, Again

    The Buffalo Bills have one of the most awkward fan bases in the NFL. There are countless videos of them online doing outrageous things such as jumping through tables, slamming other fans through tables, and even lighting themselves on fire at times. But whenever they play the New England Patriots they act even crazier than normal.

Last year in their game at home against the Patriots a Bills fan threw a dildo on the field for reasons that cannot be explained. The fan that was responsible was banned from the Bills stadium. They ended up losing 41-25 that game.

Dildo launch from @hub_nation 😂😂

— Dillon Hayes (@Dillon_Hayes) October 30, 2016

And a year later they have done it again. 


— Laces Out (@LacesOutShow) December 3, 2017
Throwing objects on the field is inappropriate and can get you kicked out of the stadium. But throwing adult toys on to field during a game is outright disgusting, there are children at these games. The hazmat squad was sent out to the field and sheriffs were on the sideline as well.

There is a group of sheriffs, security and Haz Mat gathered near wall behind Patriots sideline after cylindrical object was thrown on field in third quarter. It was kicked off Field and to wall by ball boys.

— Mike Rodak (@mikerodak) December 3, 2017
When the first one was thrown on the field last season they lost by 16 points. This time it ended even worse for them as the Bills lost 23-3. It appears as if throwing d-words on the field doesn’t slow down the Patriots so they should get their acts together and never do this again.

Peterman has a worse life time passer rating then anyone whose ever thrown a dildo at a bills game

— PFTCommenter (@PFTCommenter) December 3, 2017
The dildo throwers have are more accurate than Tyrod Taylor and Nathan Peterman. SAD!!!

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