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Colts Vs Bills Game Tickets Are Being Resold For Super Cheap

Have you ever wanted to go to an NFL game for so cheap that you felt guilty for it? Your time has come. 

Tickets to this Sunday’s game between the Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts are being resold for as low as $4. If you really want to splurge for the game, you can go crazy and pay $5 for better seats. Be careful, though. Christmas is coming up, so you don’t want to spend too much. 

This is a steal. Sunday’s high will be a tropical 26 degrees, so bring the whole family. Many figure it should be a stress-free game, with the Colts’ record of 3-9. The Bills have only completed three passes that were 25 yards or more in the last five games, so this game could be their chance to improve. It might actually be enjoyable to watch and see if they can improve their passing yardage against the Colts. 

It may be a little rough, but it’s not like the teams won’t feature any strong players. The Colts have running back Frank Gore and kicker Adam Vinatieri, both of whom have Hall of Fame potential. Bills’ running back LeSean McCoy is ready to come out strong, stating that the Bills have to win this game to stay in the running for playoffs. 

Fans on Twitter are weighing their options in light of this opportunity. 

If I were anywhere near there, I’d take this chance. I spent more money to dream about going to a Patriot’s game last night. 

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