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SQuiz: NFL Free Agency Trivia Quiz

What player was not signed in free agency with their current NFL team?
Created 3/7/17
  1. Jason Pierre-Paul (Giants)
  2. Lamar Miller (Texans)
  3. Julius Thomas (Dolphins)
  4. D. Eric Weddle (Ravens)
Which player did not leave the New England Patriots the following season after playing in the Super Bowl for free agency?
Created 3/7/17
  1. Brandon Browner
  2. Ty Law
  3. Darrelle Revis
  4. Wes Welker
Which player was not released in 2017 into the NFL free agency by their former team?
Created 3/7/17
  1. Jamaal Charles (Chiefs)
  2. Branden Albert (Dolphins)
  3. Brandon Marshall (Jets)
  4. Adrian Peterson (Vikings)
Who is the only player that stayed with the current team after free agency last season?
Created 3/9/17
  1. Eric Weddle
  2. Olivier Vernon
  3. Eric Berry
  4. Bruce Irvin
Which player that signed with a new team during Free Agency in 2017 stayed in the same division?
Created 3/10/17
  1. Pierre Garcon
  2. Stephon Gilmore
  3. Brian Hoyer
  4. DeSean Jackson

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