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Phil Simms To Become Analyst On CBS’ “The NFL Today”

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Phil Simms has found a new role on CBS as he is set to become an analyst on The NFL Today, CBS’ pregame show leading into the Sunday afternoon games, the network announced Wednesday.

Simms lost his color commentator job to newly retired quarterback Tony Romo, who is set to sit beside Jim Nantz in the broadcasting booth this fall. Simms spoke out about it for the first time on Wednesday, talking to Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch.

“Listen, I didn’t make any comments for a lot of reasons and you want to sit there and think about it,” Simms said, “Initially was my pride hurt? Absolutely. Of course it was. So it took a little bit. Not long.”

Simms also said he will continue his role on Showtime’s Inside The NFL and how he’s excited to expand his role as a studio analyst.

I now get to follow the league like I want to,” Simms said, “That was probably the most frustrating thing about my job. You do one or two games a week, you can’t really pay attention to the other teams like I wanted to do. When you do games, you are all-in on those games. On Inside The NFL, I get to say things about stuff that I never get to say in a broadcast.”

Simms will be replacing former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez, who stepped away from CBS due to having to fly out of Los Angeles to New York every weekend, which was not ideal for him and his family.

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