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NFL Owners Expected To Vote On New Overtime, Injury Reserve Rules

Sports Illustrated

Owners are expected to vote on new rules pertaining to overtime and the injury reserve at next week’s Spring League Meetings, according to NFL Media’s Judy Battista.

The new overtime proposal will reduce the current length of overtime from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. The reason owners are looking into this is for player health concerns and that any team that plays 75 minutes of football on Sunday and having to play again on Thursday night would put the team at a huge disadvantage.

The injury reserve proposal will allow two players to come off of injury reserve after being on there for eight weeks. Teams have been allowed to take one player off the reserve since 2012. For the first four years, a team needed to specify immediately that the player was designated to return right when they are placed on the IR. In 2016, the owners voted to change it so teams didn’t need to use that designation anymore and they could pick any player on the reserve to return.

Both proposals were initially tabled by owners due to various concerns, but Battista reports that both are expected to be approved by the owners at next week’s meetings.

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