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Richard Sherman Says Players Need To Strike To Get Better Contracts

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In this dead period of the NFL offseason, there has been a lot of talk about guaranteed contracts that are being given to players during NBA free agency and if the NFL would ever see such a contract. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman thinks that if NFL players want guaranteed contracts, they’ll have to go on strike.

In an appearance on the ESPY’S red carpet, Sherman explained that while it may be upsetting for players to stop playing football for some time, striking may force the league’s hand.

You’re going to have to miss games, you’re going to have to lose some money if you’re willing to make the point, because that’s how MLB and NBA got it done. They missed games, they struck, they flexed every bit of power they had, and it was awesome. It worked out for them.”

While there was a lockout as recent as 2011, the last time there was a players’ strike was in 1987, which lasted for 24 days. In that time, one week of football was cancelled and, for three more weeks, games were played with teams made up of replacement players.

Sherman also talked about how NBA players look at contracts differently than in the NFL.

NBA players like KD [Kevin Durant] and LeBron [James] are sitting there taking two-year deals like it’s nothing,” Sherman said, “They figure, ‘I’ll take a two-year deal because I’m going to wait for the salary cap to increase and get another bite at the apple.’ In our sport, they won’t do it.”

Sherman is the Seahawks’ player representative for the NFLPA.

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