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Wide Receiver Cole Beasley Just Refuses To Drop Pass

Didn’t you hear? Catching the ball in your hands is old news. Cole Beasley, wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, showed a new method last night that we would love to see catch on. 

Beasley ran for a pass from Dak Prescott, but was not able to get a handle on the ball. Rather than let it fall, however, he caught the ball behind his neck in a move that has created quite the hype. Fans are comparing the stunning play with a legendary catch made by the New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. Which one deserves to go down in history? You decide.

The Cowboys defeated the Giants in Texas, 19-3. Fans can’t help but attribute some of this success to Beasley, who was not willing to let the pass go. We can all learn a little something from this: never give up. Or, at least, it might be time to consider Cole Beasley for your fantasy team.

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