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New Orleans Saints’ Adrian Peterson’s Look Could Kill

If looks could kill, I would sure hate to be New Orleans Saints’ head coach Sean Payton last night. Following a less than inspiring first half, after which the Saints were losing to the Vikings 16-6, running back Adrian Peterson was engaged in what appeared to be an argument with Sean Payton. As Payton walked away, the camera caught the hilariously heated expression on Peterson’s face. 

Peterson was disappointed with his return to Minnesota, only finishing with 18 yards from six carries. The devastating stare he fixed on Payton suggested to many that the two had been engaged in a heated argument, perhaps about Peterson not being used as much as he wanted in his debut. 

However, Peterson insists that all is not as it seems. Instead, he tells fans on Twitter that he was simply discussing strategy and showing his enthusiasm for beating his former team.

So maybe it’s not as dramatic as it looks. But even if all is well with Peterson and his coach, let’s take one more look at the fierce expression on Peterson’s face. I’m sure we all have someone in our lives we’d like to fix that glare on. 

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How many seasons did Adrian Peterson play for the Minnesota Vikings?
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