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Sergio Dipp Is NFL Twitter’s New Favorite Son

Many people struggle in their first moment in the national spotlight. Some people let that moment get the best of them and crumble. Some play it off and become a legends.

Last night Sergio Dipp became a legend.

Dipp, a veteran of ESPN Deportes was on the sidelines for the second Monday Night game between the Broncos and Chargers. He was not great.

Everyone was quickly talking about Dipp and his incredible Monday Night debut. He could’ve easily let it get the best of him. However, he embraced it and is now one of NFL twitter’s favorite people.

I’m not sure if ESPN will throw Dipp out for another Monday Night Football game but I’m glad he was such a good sport about his debut. The internet could’ve easily gotten the best of him but he made everyone, including myself, love him. Vamos Sergio!

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