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Don La Greca Goes On A Radio Rant For The Ages

New York sports talk radio has provided us with some of the best moments in sports media history. Yesterday, Don La Greca may have given us the greatest sports media moment of all time. Following the Giants 0-2 start to the season, many New York sports fans have an opinion over what’s wrong with Big Blue. 

On ESPN New York’s The Michael Kay Show, the veteran radio host went on an anti-stat nerd rant for the ages. 

Although this was an incredible radio rant, the faces that are made in the video really make this clip iconic.

via: @bvduro

via: @BigOrangeHill

The other part of this video that I loved was when Don went on his rant against the Pythagorean Theorem. Who knew that a2 + b2 = c2 could get someone so riled up. Does someone need to have taken High School Trig to understand that the Giants offensive line is bad?

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