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Jon Gruden’s Return As The Raiders’ Head Coach Brings Up Old Memories And New Conversations

Included in an old box of memories is a drawing my sister gave to my mom in the 90’s, a picture of Chevy Chase when he was “hot” (if there was such a time), and a printed up article of the time when Jon Gruden almost took the Raiders to Super Bowl XXXVI, but had it ripped away by a historically controversial call. This moment was so significant that my mom, a lifelong Raider fan, saved the article. 

The Tuck Rule game between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders in 2002 changed its course when Tom Brady fumbled the ball after being hit by Raiders’ cornerback Charles Woodson. With a score of 13-10 and the Raiders in possession, everyone expected the Raiders to head to the AFC championship game and make it to the Super Bowl. After reviewing the call, though, the referees determined that according to the Tuck Rule, Brady’s fumble was actually an incomplete pass. 

The Patriots went on to Super Bowl XXXVI, and the Raiders’ owner Al Davis traded Jon Gruden to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where Gruden beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl the next year. The infamous Tuck Rule game was Gruden’s last as head coach of the Raiders. Until now. 

The Raiders will officially announce Jon Gruden as their head coach on Tuesday, bringing him back just in time to guide them through a move to Las Vegas. Sources say they are prepared to offer him a 10 year contract for $100 million- thought to be the longest contract in NFL coaching history. 

Needless to say, Twitter has a lot to say. 

A historically long contract is perfectly fitting for a move that brings such a rich history back into our minds. Jon Gruden and the Raiders will finally be reunited as a team for the first time since 2002. If we’re bringing back classics from the early 2000’s, though, I have a request. I want to bring back the Backstreet Boys. 

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