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SQuiz: Top Quarterbacks of the NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft less than a week away, intrigue has been building towards the quarterbacks and which teams they will be drafted by. This quarterback draft class features as many as five QBs that could all realistically be gone by the 20th pick and six potential first rounders in total. However, it remains to be known where any of them will go, and who among them is the best. Let’s find out how much you know about this year’s prospects at fooball’s most important position. 

During the 2017 NCAA Football season, which quarterback led Division 1 in passing yards?
Created 4/20/18
  1. Mason Rudolph
  2. Sam Darnold
  3. Josh Rosen
  4. Baker Mayfield
Josh Allen's throwing motion takes 0.38 seconds. Which NFL quarterback is this time comparable to?
Created 4/20/18
  1. Russell Wilson
  2. Sam Bradford
  3. Carson Palmer
  4. Tom Brady
In his Junior season at USC, what was Sam Darnold's touchdown to interception ratio?
Created 4/20/18
  1. 4:1
  2. 7:1
  3. 10:1
  4. 2:1
In an interview with ESPN, how many Super Bowls did Josh Rosen predict that he will win in the NFL?
Created 4/20/18
  1. 3
  2. 1
  3. 7
  4. 4
In 2016, which future NFL running back had fewer rushing yards than Lamar Jackson?
Created 4/20/18
  1. Christian McCaffrey
  2. Kareem Hunt
  3. Dalvin Cook
  4. Aaron Jones
During his Heisman-winning season in 2017, what was Baker Mayfield's completion percentage?
Created 4/21/18
  1. 55%
  2. 70%
  3. 66%
  4. 62%

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