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Yanny Or Laurel: The Sports World Takes On The Ultimate Question

I’ve been waiting for this moment since everyone exhausted the subject of that blue or gold dress in 2015. Finally, there is another chance for us to yell at each other about something completely inconsequential to our lives. It’s useless competitiveness, and I am all here for it. 

The internet has gone crazy over a sound recording that either says “Yanny” or “Laurel,” depending on what you hear. 

It’s “Laurel,” right? Obviously. But stay with me here, because there are others out there that hear “Yanny.” We sane people have to stick together. 

Thankfully for those of us who don’t want this delightful controversy to end, the sports world has joined in on the fun. 

The Dallas Cowboys tweeted out their own version of the recording. It sounds like “Go Packers,” right? That’s what I heard. 

And if you’ve ever sent mail to NFL Films and they didn’t get it, there might be a reason why. Turns out their address has been read incorrectly all this time. 

It looks like the NBA has caught wind of it, too. 

In fact, sports medicine might see some changes as a result of the new video: 

A couple MLB teams are putting their own spin on the recording too: 

Well there you have it. It’s a divided world we live in. It’s up to you to decide what you hear. You can think it’s Yanny. Image title

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