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T.O. Things to do During HOF Ceremony

    Terrell Owens has thrown away his RSVP for the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony the first weekend of August. Imagine an RSVP sent from the commissioner of the NFL about Hall of Fame weekend. 

Kindly RSVP, won’t you                                                                                                                 The National Football League will be celebrating its finest players and citizens this Saturday the Fourth of August, Two Thousand and Eighteen with a Hall of Fame ceremony. The celebration will be preceded by a banquet and followed by a reception dinner accompanied by a full buffet and open bar. The bar will be fully stocked and serving some of our best drinks including but not restricted to Bloody Hail Marys, Long Island Jets Fan Iced Teas and my personal favorite, Mainti Tai’os. 
    Please join us at our Enshrinement Headquarters located at 2121 George Halas Dr NW, Canton, OH 44708. Bret Favre will validate your parking at the gate.

_________            Accepts with great delight

_________            Declines with woeful shame                                                                  Most sincerely and with the warmest of regards,                                                                Your commissioner, Roger Stokoe Goodell                    

    These are some things T.O. might be doing with his time during the NFL’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony in August. 

Doing sit ups in his driveway while talking to reporters

Publishing a short story through a series of two dozen tweets about a family of Sharpies that live in his socks

Filming a reality TV show about doing touchdown celebrations in everyday situations called Mocking Ray Lewis and Other Things to Never do Under Any Circumstances 

Reminiscing about his halcyon Desperate Housewives days

Throwing darts at a board with a picture of DeAngelo Hall in the background

Standing in a ceremonious pose on a giant Dallas Cowboys star in his living room

Playing Fortnite and drinking Mtn. Dew Code Red

Catching up on Homeland 

Meditating next to an indoor waterfall

Playing with his new pet turtle, Wyatt

Getting ready for the 2019 Catalina Wine Mixer 

Listening to the new Joe Rogan podcast in his sensory deprivation tank before drinking some green juice and researching Brazilian fish

What's T.O.'s favorite hobby?
Created 6/7/18
  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Hiking
  4. Marlin Fishing

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