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Tampa Bay Lightning’s Tyler Johnson Shows Impressive Energy To Reach A Hat Trick

I don’t know how I would express myself half the time if it weren’t for gifs. They’re the perfect way to convey an emotion or experience with minimal words. You know, just in case you’re saving your words for a more important moment. Or if people tell you that you talk too much. That happens to some of us. Maybe just me. Well, thanks to the fiery energy of Tampa Bay Lightning’s Tyler Johnson, there’s a new gif to add to my collection. 

Just take a look at that energy. Johnson had good reason for blasting past Carolina Hurricanes’ Noah Hanifin yesterday: he was on his way to scoring his third goal of the game and completing a hat trick. 

It was well worth the effort. Once Johnson scored the goal, the ice was littered with fans’ hats in celebration. The hat trick was Johnson’s third in his career during the regular season. If three goals in a game is equal to one hat trick, what is three hat tricks equal to? A Mega- Hat Trick? That’s what I’m going to call it. You can join in if you want. I think we can get it to catch on. 

Let me be the first to bring Johnson’s aggressive play into the gif world:

When you’re on your way to a Mega- Hat Trick:

Image title

When there’s only one taco left: Image title

When your cute coworker is finally single:

Image title

When there’s one flat screen left on Black Friday:

Image title

The possibilities are endless. Tyler Johnson made his team proud, taking the Lightning to a 5-4 victory. His efforts were rewarded with a victory over his opponent, but he gave us more than that. He gave us a new reaction gif. And in 2018, what more could we ask for? 

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