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Anaheim Ducks Release Great Video About Instigator Ryan Kesler

If you’re really passionate about something, it shows itself in your daily life. That’s why it’s nice to get yourself a friend who’s a baker- they might just feel like baking you a few cakes every now and then. It’s a cute idea to think of someone’s passions from work coming into their daily life. Usually. 

But a hilarious video from the Anaheim Ducks suggests that maybe that’s not true for everyone. Imagine, for example, that Ducks’ Ryan Kesler brought his aggression from the ice into a regular office. 

Ryan Kesler is known for being combative on the ice. His willingness to throw a couple cheap shots into a game has brought him criticism, including from Nashville Predators’ Ryan Johansen, who said back in May that he has a hard time imagining how Kesler’s family and friends can cheer for him considering the way he plays. There are those who believe that speed should be emphasized in hockey over physicality, and that players shouldn’t seek out fights. Still, there are others who think that hockey needs a little roughhousing, and this video is for them. 

It’s nice to see the team having a little fun with Kesler’s reputation. The message of the video is clear: be dedicated enough to your life’s work that it becomes a part of you. But my question is, can you do it the other way around? I like to eat pizza as part of my daily life. Can I make a career out of that? 

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