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Cross Country Runner Gets Crushed By Deer During Race

If you haven’t seen this video already, you’ll probably watch it five or ten times. If you have already seen it, you’ll probably watch it another five or ten times. This video is THAT funny. In a recent cross country meet, Justin DeLuzio was running with the rest of the field when a group of deer running about 30-40 miles per hour (estimate from a non-wild life expert) ran through the field and sent him flying. The best part of the video might be the guy yelling “Watch out for the deer” in the beginning.

I feel bad for DeLuzio but am incredible impressed to learn he finished off the race. If you can get these bad boys in pads, Nick Saban may be looking to recruit that deer. He put a massive hit on DeLuzio. I can watch this video any number of times and it won’t stop being funny.

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