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Women’s Basketball Team Makes Three On Their Own Basket

Everyone who’s played youth basketball has witnessed a moment when a player scored on the wrong basket. However, it’s not something you see very often in a game between two national teams. During the Women’s U-19 Championship between Russia and Spain, there was a myriad of hilarious gaffes that led to the Russian team hitting a three on their own basket.

As you can see in the play, Russia loses the ball after taking a bad shot. However, the refs hand the ball to the Russian team to inbound the ball underneath the basket. Rather than run an under the basket inbounds play, they run a press break that leads to them getting a wide open three on their own basket and of course it was cash. 

I’m genuinely stunned that no one made a greater attempt to stop this from happening. Almost everyone on both teams and the officials played this like it was completely normal. It also probably should’ve been waved off. Spain should’ve had possession of the ball following the change of possession. Also, technically Russia committed a backcourt violation on the play which is something their coach actively argued for.

Russia ended up winning the game but this is still an unbelievably hilarious gaffe in one of the highest levels of international women’s basketball.

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