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Little League Slugger Hits Bomb Into The Trees

Every summer, there is a moment in the Little League World Series that makes you go “Wow!”. That moment this season occurred this weekend when the Peachtree City team from Georgia beat the Greenville team from South Carolina. Peachtree City slugger Jayce Blalock came up to the plate with the bases loaded in the first inning.

The announcer’s were talking about how Blalock could hit the ball into the trees and… he did.

This was truly a moon shot and probably goes out in most big league parks. I audibly gasped when I watched the video. A few things that I noticed were how beautiful Blalock’s swing is and why is he hitting sixth in the lineup? Overall, I hope to see this Georgia team go on in the LLWS so we can see more bombs from Blalock.

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