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Best Golf Announcer Calls

On Sunday, @PReedGolf met all the challenges to write a perfect ending. #themasters

Golf announcers are fun. Here are some things they might say.

His mother is not going to be happy about that lie!”

These greens are so green even Snoop had to pass.”

He hit that putt softer than a Tempur-Pedic.”

Is he Bill Bryson because he will have to take A Walk in the Woods.”

Mad Max had less sand than that shot.”

The Rock approves of that putt.”

LeBron would have made it.”*celebrity golf tournament with Michael Jordan*

She hit that putt softer than my grandmother singing Celine Dion to a sleeping baby.”

She hit that putt softer than my son.”

These greens are greener than Justin Bieber when he became famous.”

His pants must be on fire because that was a great lie!”

That chip was tastier than an Oreo.”

That chip comes with a side of salsa.”

These greens are greener than Beacon Hill on Saint Patrick’s Day.”

That chip will be implanted in our brains in the future.”

She drove that farther than a Griswold family vacation.”

That flop was so egregious Manu Ginobli didn’t even like it.”

Is it the Super Bowl because a mob of Philadelphians just pillaged a Wawa.”

You could charge rent for that loft.”

That drive was straighter than the outline of Howie Long’s hair.”

That drive hooked farther left than Bernie Sanders drinking green juice at a quilting convention.”

That drive hooked farther right than Rush Limbaugh drinking scotch while watching Gran Torino.”

She pitched that shot higher than Willie Nelson eating a churro at Comic Con.”

Tiger would have made it but he was busy scoping out local breakfast diners.”

Call him Johnny Depp because that shot was Into the Woods.”

He laid that ball up more delicately than Pablo Prigioni at a basketball skills clinic.”

Mike Tyson didn’t punch that hard.”

He can’t decide if he wants to push or pull the ball - is he a door?”

Quentin Tarantino would have used less profanity after that drive.”

LeBron would have made it.”*normal golf tournament*

That shot was more unexpected than a Christoph Waltz retirement announcement.”

She should go by Bobby Knight because that shot was offensive.”

Which bulldog did Patrick Reed begin his college career with?
Created 4/11/18
  1. Mississippi State
  2. Georgetown
  3. Butler University
  4. University of Georgia

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