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SQuiz: ESPN 8: The Ocho

ESPN 8, otherwise known as “The Ocho,” is back this week! Although it is technically on ESPN 2, the channel will feature various obscure sports from around the world. Some of the sports that will be displayed on The Ocho include Cornhole, Competitive Eating, and even Chess Boxing. Let’s see how well you know this iconic channel.

Which sports movie famously used ESPN 8 as a made-up program for the sport it was showing?
Created 8/8/18
  1. The Longest Yard
  2. Talladega Knights
  3. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
  4. A League of Their Own
Which of the following Saber Combat (essentially lightsaber fighting) moves involves winding the saber around one's head?
Created 8/8/18
  1. Tempest
  2. Lightning
  3. The Charley
  4. Dragon's Tail
Which of the following ESPN personalities has covered Cornhole for The Ocho?
Created 8/8/18
  1. Chris Berman
  2. Linda Cohn
  3. Neil Everett
  4. Kenny Mayne
The sport Kabaddi, which includes teams of 7 trying to tag each other without being tackled, will be featured on The Ocho this year. Which of the following countries is Kabaddi most popular in?
Created 8/8/18
  1. Bangladesh
  2. Turkey
  3. Indonesia
  4. India
Which of the following sports featured on ESPN 8 is defined as 3-on-3 volleyball using your feet?
Created 8/8/18
  1. Bandy
  2. Sepak Takraw
  3. Snooker
  4. Netball

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