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O Canada! How The Toronto Blue Jays Can Continue To Win Ballgames

by Will Wetzel

After rebounding in May after their rough April, the Blue Jays look to one enigmatic pitcher and better plate discipline to keep the wins coming.

A Furkan Dilemma: What Should The Sixers Do With Furkan Korkmaz?

by Max Holm

As he makes his way to Philadelphia, the 76ers have a decision to make about Furkan Korkmaz.

A Statistical Look At Colin Kaepernick

by Sanha Ryoo

It seems like no one wants to sign Colin Kaepernick this offseason. Everything subjective aside, how was his statistical performance last season?

Celtics No. 1 Pick: Keep It or Swap It?

by Thomas O'Callaghan

As the Celtics plan for next season, they must decide whether to draft or trade their first overall pick.

What Will The 49ers New 4-3 Defense Look Like?

by Les Tobias

After incredible success fielding the most feared 3-4 defense in recent memory, the 49ers look to evolve in order to rescue the Bay Area franchise.

The Golden State Warriors Won The Individual Battles In Game 1

by Nate Wolf

The Cleveland Cavaliers needed to win individual matchups against Golden State. In Game 1, no Cavalier – not even LeBron – outplayed his opponent.

Why Warriors-Cavaliers Is The Perfect Rivalry

by Matt Blum

As we get ready for the Finals, let’s take a look at why we are so excited for Warriors-Cavs pt. III.

Klay Thompson: Finals X-Factor Or Superfluous Superstar?

by Thomas O'Callaghan

Klay Thompson has struggled in the 2017 playoffs, but the Warriors are 12-0. Do they need Klay to play at a superstar level to beat the Cavs?

Why Arsenal Should Continue With The 3-4-3 Formation

by Pearman Clarke

While it should have come earlier, a switch to the 3-4-3 formation could be the perfect move to add defensive stability and attacking freedom.

Fantasy Football: Classifying Tight Ends, Part 2

by Kyle Trapp

What category does your go-to tight end belong in?

Age 40 Won’t Stop Tom Brady And The Patriots

by Mitch Bloch

Despite turning 40 in August, Tom Brady will still commandeer one of the best teams in the league.

Draymond Green Is The Most Efficient Defender In The NBA

by Sam Gordon

Draymond Green doesn’t need many steps to stop offenses.

The Toronto Raptors’ Bleak Road Ahead

by Michael Charlebois

The Lowry/DeRozan-era Raptors are stuck in “good-but-not-good-enough” purgatory. Where do they go from here?

How The Celtics And Lakers Can Rise To Greatness Once Again

by Austin Ryback

The NBA’s two most storied franchises are on the path to greatness once again.

A Tale Of Two Big Men

by Matt Blum

Boston and San Antonio lost their All-Stars, but how have Al Horford and LaMarcus Aldridge responded to this adversity?

Statistical Modeling Of ATP Singles Matches (Part IV)

by Justin Kelly

Using Elo to re-rank the ATP’s top 20 in a preview of the French Open.

The Dallas Cowboys Are Ready To Begin A Dynasty This Year

by Nick Cardozo

This Cowboys roster is constructed for long-term success.

Avery Bradley: Mr. Underrated

by Thomas O'Callaghan

While the Boston Celtics’ Finals chances fade, take a moment to appreciate the role that Avery Bradley has played in keeping the C’s afloat.

Are You On Team Thiem?

by Mikey Jarrell

Nadal’s still the King of Clay, but the heir to the throne might be Austrian.

Sample Size Watch, Part Two: Walks

by John Balletta

Wil Myers doesn’t walk, he trots. Which hitters have added the base on balls to their skill set, and who else is on the decline?

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