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SQuiz is a constantly updated set of questions designed to test your sports knowledge. Your performance over time contributes to the ultimate measure of your sports fandom: your SQ. Questions can be found at the end of most articles and on our SQuiz page. SQ’s are broken down by sport, but also are carefully combined to give you an overall SQ. To find out your SQ, simply start answering questions!
How many goals did William Karlsson score for the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2016-17 season?
Created 4/1/18
  1. 6
  2. 15
  3. 20
  4. 9
Which player was designated to replace Evgeni Malkin in the 2017 All-Star game?
Created 1/5/18
  1. Sydney Crosby
  2. Cam Atkinson
  3. Wayne Simmonds
  4. Taylor Hall
Four Lightning players were selected for the 2018 All-Star Game. What was the last team to have that many with five?
Created 1/12/18
  1. Pittsburgh Penguins
  2. Chicago Blackhawks
  3. Boston Bruins
  4. Washington Capitals
In the 2018 NHL Playoffs, Evgeny Kuznetsov became the fourth European player to score more than 30 points in a single playoff run. Which European player has the most points during a single playoff run?
Created 6/5/18
  1. Jari Kurri
  2. Evgeni Malkin
  3. Pavel Bure
  4. Jaromir Jagr
What team does William Karlsson play for internationally?
Created 4/1/18
  1. Finland
  2. Sweden
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Russia
Which of the following Capitals' players was never named as captain?
Created 6/8/18
  1. Peter Bondra
  2. Bill Clement
  3. Alexander Ovechkin
  4. Guy Charron
The Predators, Jets, Sharks, and Golden Knights have how many combined cups, prior to the start of the second round of the 2018 NHL playoffs
Created 4/23/18
  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 3
  4. 5
On what date did William Karlsson record his first career NHL hat trick?
Created 4/1/18
  1. February 5, 2015
  2. December 31, 2017
  3. March 18, 2018
  4. October 21, 2016
Before making his NHL debut in 2014, which hockey league did Evgeny Kuznetsov play in?
Created 6/5/18
  1. American Hockey League (AHL)
  2. Canadian Hockey League (CHL)
  3. Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)
  4. Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL)
What year was Evgeny Kuznetsov drafted by the Washington Capitals?
Created 6/5/18
  1. 2008
  2. 2010
  3. 2011
  4. 2013
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How are SQ’s determined?

The calculation for SQ is based off of the actual IQ system. We measure your performance (total questions answered correct, weighted by difficulty) and then stack you up against all other SQ users. This gives us your percentile. Based off the distribution of IQ’s, you are then matched to your SQ for that sport. Your overall SQ is a weighted average (based off of available questions in each sport) of your SQs in each sport.

Why does my SQ go down sometimes even if I haven’t answered any questions recently?

Because SQ’s are based on percentiles, if other users start to overtake you, that means your percentile is decreasing, and thus your SQ will decrease. So watch your back and always answer extra questions to give yourself some breathing room!

What is the highest possible SQ?

The “highest” SQ is not a set number. The formula makes it dependent on how many users there are. The more people answering questions there are, the higher the maximum SQ will become.

Can my SQ go down from answering a question wrong?

Nope! But there are only so many questions and you can’t answer them more than once!