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Kondogbia With The Goal Of His Career In The Back Of His Own Net

There’s no worse feeling in soccer than scoring an own goal. Usually, when you get credited with an own goal, it’s because you’re trying to make a defensive deflection in an awkward position and you end up putting it into your own net. 

In a friendly between Chelsea and Inter Milan, Geoffrey Kondogbia, a midfielder for Inter Milan got the ball near the halfway line and wanted to pass it back to his keeper to relieve pressure. However, he put a tad too much air on the pass and it ended up being the “most beautiful own goal” I’ve ever seen. 

This was truly an unbelievable soccer play. This goal would’ve been an absolute wondergoal had it been on the opponent’s goal and I don’t think he could replicate it if you give him ten chances but all the stars aligned for an unbelievable gaff. Luckily, it was just a friendly but Kondogbia is going to be seeing this “highlight” for quite a while and may never score a goal this nice again.

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