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Wayne Rooney Agrees To Join D.C. United

Everton midfielder, Wayne Rooney, reportedly, has agreed to join MLS side, D.C. United.  He will be the second player, recently, to leave the Premier League to join the MLS (Zlatan Ibrahimovic to L.A. Galaxy).

Rooney signed for Everton after playing for Manchester United for 13 seasons.  He is, currently, on the first year of a two year deal with Everton.  Manager, Sam Allardyce, said that he’d like Rooney to stay and also clarified Rooney has not asked to leave the club.

If Rooney does leave Everton for D.C. United, he’s expected to make upwards to $8 million a year, which would make him the highest paid player in Major League Soccer.

Rooney will not play in Everton’s final match of the season, against West Ham, due to an injury sustained against Southampton last weekend.  The 32-year old is currently second all-time in Premier League goals (208), trailing Alan Shearer, and third all-time in assists with 103.

What club did Wayne Rooney begin his career with?
Created 5/11/18
  1. Everton
  2. Manchester United
  3. Newcastle United
  4. Watford
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