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Analyst Wears Muppet Suit


  This dude became the coolest guy in his British Elk’s Club (Otter’s Club? Pigeon’s Club? Crumpet’s Club?) when he donned this Muppet suit on TV. In related news, Charles Barkley was spotted in a Pikachu suit at a Whole Foods bar alongside an unidentifiable giant, Purple Teletubby.

He’s a big fan of How I Met Your Mother

He forgot to do laundry

He’s the “fun guy” at work

It’s Casual Friday

He got dressed in the dark

His favorite baseball player was Luis Gonzalez

He calls himself “Shady Gaga”

His roommates Parent Trapped his work clothes 

He’s the worst team mascot in the EPL

He’s in a SNL sketch

He’s on the pursuit of happiness

He was playing Truth or Dare with his friends and chose Truth and they asked him if he wanted to wear a Muppet suit and he said yes

He’s anti-establishment

He’s an Urban Outfitters model

He’s starting a religion

Do you know who Jason Segel is?
Created 5/14/18
  1. Of course
  2. Sure
  3. No way who is that?
  4. Do you validate parking?

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